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To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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About Us

Hebei Xinqidian Biotechnology Co., Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in the health industry of linolenic acid product. We integrated planting cultivation, manufacturing, technology research and development, marketing, brand promotion and capital operation into one integral whole.

Xinqidian focus on providing a healthy diet for domestic people, and working in spreading and promoting of Linolenic acid for a long time. We are trying our best to improve the public’s knowledge of the importance of a balanced diet and nutrition intake.

Our company have already developed flaxseed oil, high content linolenic acid oil, oil powder, flax gum, flax lignin, flax protein and flaxseed oil soap a serials of flax related products. Besides, we also developed many kind of other kind of healthy oils, such as grape seed oil, perilla seed oil, hemp seed oil etc.

Xinqidian has obtained the ISO9001 and ISO22000 Quality Management System Certifications. Xinqidian is the only “High and New Tech Enterprise” in flaxseed industry, the truly No. 1 supplier of high content of linolenic acid product, the first brand of flaxseed oil in China.

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