Hebei xinqidian dedicated public nutrition improvement project

Capital Operation

To provide a healthy culture for the dissemination of green food
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According to the overall planning of the company, the company with flax seed deep processing as the center, and gradually to the flax seed industry chain upstream and downstream extension, through the introduction of outreach, integration of capital, technology, brand and market in the global scope etc. resources, comprehensive development of flax seed industry chain, to become production industry value chain integration of discovery. Companies adhere to the product management and capital management development strategy, through the docking capital help companies leap forward development. After many years of accumulation, the company's annual business growth rate of more than 50%, becoming the most investment value of the big health field of flax seed deep processing enterprises. A number of securities, investment institutions to conduct research, the company will work with the most matching investment institutions, to become the industry's first listed companies.

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